Affordable luxury in a tropical paradise with impeccable service and modern design

Phuket is synonymous with beautiful beaches, delectable culinary and stylish hotels. All of these culminate at the Outrigger Surin beach- a tropical retreat in the plush Surin beach area in Phuket. Boasting modern architecture and lush greenery within its confines, there’s more than what meets the eye with Outrigger Surin Beach. Dive into this post to find out what sets this gem apart from the rest.

Outrigger Surin Beach mixes tropical vibes with modern design

The hotel is located a stone’s throw away from picture-perfect, turquoise Surin beach in Phuket, which also happens to be a surfer’s paradise. It is also a 15 minute walk to the breathtaking Laem Singh viewpoint which I highly recommend visiting. Taxis are easy to get and most attractions like Bangla walking street, Patong beach and other popular beaches are around a 30 minute ride from Surin beach, so is the airport.

Balconies face inward into the pool and waking up to this view every morning was so memorable

The design of the hotel steered more towards a western, boho surf vibe with few local elements incorporated in the design. The colour palette was kept simple- earthy tones of oak, greys and whites with teal for accentuation worked well in tying the architecture with the interiors. The walls were a bare canvas but the floors with the black and white printed tilework were eyeball grabbing. I absolutely loved the little details like the wooden ceiling fan that was a nod to the local architecture.

There was a selection of suite options- starting from the humble Superior all the way to the luxurious Grand Surin suite, there are 6 different room types. We chose the Studio balcony which is set on the first floor with inward views of the swimming pool.  The room was generously sized with a large bed fronted by a bed bench, an open shelved wardrobe, an armchair and side tables. The bathroom was proportionally large and well lit.

Love the minimal design with accents in all the right places

Waking up to the view of calm and exotic birdsong from the balcony, made my stay even more remarkable than it already was. I loved sipping my morning tea and watching the staff go about their day-to-day activities. There were days when it poured cats and dogs but the view from the balcony still remains a fond memory.

Interiors were kept simple, walls were bare but the highlight was the flooring and the ceiling fan

The Staff were incredibly friendly and approachable and were there at our every beck and call. The highlight of our stay was the room service app that the Outrigger franchise are proud owners of. The app basically allowed us to order anything we wanted from bath robes to bottled water to vanity cases at the tap of a button! We could request or query anything on the app’s chat feature and the responses were pretty prompt. Did I also mention you could get free bottled water anytime of the day? Oh, also you could hire beach towels? Amazing, right?

While at the hotel, I managed to skim my way through the various facilities available to the clients- the gym, the two well sized swimming pools, the restaurant and bar. All were exemplary and well taken care of.

Our room rate included breakfast every morning and as a fan of hotel breakfasts, I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel’s choice of leaning towards a mostly vegetarian buffet. The breakfast was scrumptious and satisfying.

The bed is so comfortable and well sized

Thailand is generally affordable and it’s quite easy to find 4- or 5- star hotels at a reasonable price. That being said, I felt Outrigger Surin was a little bit on the higher end compared to other hotels in Phuket. Surin beach, while a relatively quieter area, is more expensive than say, neighbouring Kamala beach and the beach wasn’t as crowded as other more popular beaches are. Keeping that mind, I think Outrigger Surin is well worth the money especially considering the service and facilities you get here. We spent GBP387 for 3 nights, bringing that to GBP129 per night including breakfast, access to two swimming pools, a gym and a short stroll to the beach.

My stay at the Outrigger Surin beach was a pamper session to say the least- the comfortable  beds, the luxurious amenities, the technological advances in service and the lush greenery around made up for the lack of a spa. Needless to say, I am now a huge fan of the Outrigger franchise and cannot wait to stay in one of their other properties!

The courtyard pool and landscaping is so calming

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